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Shop Community Events

An important role of a community shop is the social side of things… many people commented on this in the survey we completed…  How they missed wandering up to the shop, having a chat and feeling part of the village…

And so we intend to have a small social area; a table, some chairs, tea, coffee and maybe a snack, to facilitate a natter or be a place to take a moment and enjoy the view.

However, whilst we establish the shop as a business and the building it will inhabit, we want to recreate some of that socialising.  Create occasions that we can continue once the shop is open. 

We are very lucky to have a village hall with such good facilities, and how well-used the Institute is stands as testimony to this fact.  Some of you may have already attended our Christmas Gathering in December and our Croissant Breakfast in January here. 

At each event there has been 40-60 people attending, and an amazing £354 has already been donated.  We’re totally overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm we’re receiving. These donations cover any costs of the events, have paid for the cost of the survey carried out in December and has paid outright for our membership to the Plunkett Foundation! This membership greatly reduces the price of setting up the business and comes with free advice and support so is very important for the shop.

We have chosen mainly Fridays and now lunchtimes, to compliment the Prescriptions service already running from the Snooker Club three times a week, and coincide with the Post Office Mobile van slot in support of this important village service.  However there will be weekend events so that those of you working or at school can come too!

We’re pleased to say that the programme of events extends to April so far…and will continue throughout the year:

Pancakes lunch on Friday 21st February 12-2pm, 

Cheese tasting on Friday 20th March 12.30-2.30pm, and 

Easter Fun on Saturday 11th April, programme to be confirmed.

All details will be found on our Facebook page and in the Gazette as well as being posted on the new website.