After the original local store closed, a small group of residents met to discuss what could or should be done. Did Crackington need a shop? If so, why, and how could one be created? What, if anything, could be done? In December 2019, the committee circulated a survey to the village, which got a huge response. Of the 250 that were completed, more than 220 people said yes, they would like and support a shop. The group agreed to work toward opening a not-for-profit community shop to serve St Gennys Parish, providing a community hub and a reliable place to buy groceries.
The people working together on the project at this point in time are; Helen Chamberlain, Sally Gostick, Colin Gurr,  Ellen Hawley, Dai Hughes, Chris Dodds, Sue Marshall, Celia Morgan, Matt Rogers, Heather Smith, Duncan Walker, Gill Webster, and Annabel Yates.
You’ll find news and progress updates here on the website, in the St Gennys Gazette, and via Facebook.  Please simply contact the Crackington Village Shop Committee with any questions or offers of support and suggestions you might have. To work, the shop will need the support of our wonderful community.