A developing community project, please support

Crackington Village Shop

Crackington Village Shop will provide for the core needs of the community.
It will run as a not-for-profit, efficient, sustainable operation, seeking to enhance community spirit and to serve all residents and visitors. Any profits will be used to benefit the village.

What stage is the project at?

Planning & Preparation...

What’s been done so far?
  • The Crackington Institute has agreed in principle that the shop can be sited on its grounds. 
  • A survey established a strong majority in favour of establishing a community shop and collated information on what people want it to carry.
  • Supported by the Plunkett Foundation, the shop has incorporated as a Community Benefit Society.
  • The shop will, at least initially, be housed in a timber-clad portacabin to rear of the Institute, sited on the lawn bank.
  • The committee is raising money, both through community events and through grant applications.
  • On 20th November 2020, the shop was granted planning permission by Cornwall Council!
What happens next?
  • Village residents and supporters can now buy shares in the store, with a minimum cost of £30.
  • This takes place initially via a ‘Pledge Offer’ process, open until December 15th
  • No money changes hands at this stage, until the Share Offer process follows in early 2021
  • Please click on on the Pledge Offer link in the website main navigation to make your pledge now!

Three key cornerstones of the proposed shop

Convenience, Provisions, Community...

The shop will carry a range of provisions, from papers and prescriptions to top-ups, treats, and teas. The goal is to create a store that both residents and visitors can rely on for essentials and extras. 
It will be a community-run venture and hopes to become a space where people can meet, have a cup of tea and a visit, and come back time and again.

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