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Crackington Village Shop Website is Live!

We’re pleased to say we’ve now launched this simple little website for the Crackington Village Shop project. As with all else, this is put together by our team of volunteers in their spare time, so it’s very much a work in progress.

We wanted to put a website together as we’re conscious there are naturally questions, thoughts (and rumours even!) about the shop project and so we are endeavouring to open up communication to keep the community informed and give you a method to contact us. 

We expect and intend for the majority of people to read our posts via Facebook and that will remain our primary communication point. The website serves as a place to find core background information on the project and as a resource for those not on Facebook to read our posts.

We’ll also continue to provide updates in the St Gennys Gazette and you can look out for flyers and posters around the village for our social events.